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Monday, 15 April 2013


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Yige Li

"But he told me in an interview Friday..."--lucky you!!! I didn't expect maestro came to Chicago this early. I thought he might arrive some time on Saturday.

"In the 1990s, it looked as if the United States, and especially Chicago and New York, would be a major part of Thielemann’s professional life. Two subscription weeks with the CSO and a Meistersinger at Lyric were electrifying, as were three different Richard Strauss productions at the Metropolitan Opera. But personal and political issues arose and Thielemann’s career in Germany (he is a native and lifelong Berliner) and Austria took off dramatically."
"a smaller and quiet base, away from the daily politics"--good for him. He's a pure artist, and may those politics be away from him. I just don't understand why there exist some people who want to ruin him by spreading those hush words regarding his, or more precisely "his", political views. And why his in favor of late-romantic German repertoire could be considered something more than musical interest and personal taste. Recent rumors saying he might be one of the possible people to succeed SR to be the musical director of BPO. Though I'd love to see Maestro Thielemann crowned this position, I feel it better for he not taking that position. Too much politics is involved. His relation with BPO having regular annual appearance is fine enough. (And will BPO really consider him as the director? I doubt it. He's a great conductor, true. They are a great orchestra, true. They have chemistry with each other, true. Still, all these are not enough for a music director.)
Also, I would love to see him conducting an American orchestra. After the performance on Sunday, so impressed by the unique sound quality, I was keep asking myself, how much percent of this sound is Staatskapelle Dresden and how much is Thielemann? I'm really curious to see what a sound he could get from an American orchestra. Hope after all these years, nonsense regarding "politics" has gone away. Or maybe he really should, as some suggested, try to get the position of something like "principle guest" conductor of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra first?

“It’s a shame that we did not also get the second program of the Bruckner Eighth Symphony”--WELL SAID!!!

And let's hope his next coming being soon. With a program containing Wagner, R. Strauss, even... Pfitzner?


As a veteran of the 2006 Ring conducted by Thielemann at Beyreuth, it was a thrill to see him again. He did not disappoint, indeed this was great Brahms.
The enthusiasm could be the result of a dearth of Brahms in recent years here.
To have been thrilled by a Ring that was the most stupid, hopeless production was quite an accomplishment.
The attention to dynamics was as good as anything since Salonen this season. The brass were like a Salvation Army band--smooth and delicate, not so shrill.
The horns were especially outstanding, playing as they should, as a bridge between woodwinds and brass.

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